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Y Bird was established in 2003 and is presently the only travel agent in Japan specializing in birdwatching tours. What makes us different from the other few existing bird watching companies in Japan? Y Bird was established by three professionals; our president Yamamoto who started up as a specialist in touring business, and the other two- Nakano a professional cameraman and a birder, and Moriyama, a professional investigator on wild birds and nature, both working as our bird guides. At present we have 10 members including the office workers, we have a reliable network of staff throughout Japan. Having the traveling business and bird watching professionals collaborate created Y Bird which its existence is now quite well known by the bird watchers in Japan. We are always exploring new areas to encounter surprising delights and also research areas already tested. As we plan tours accordingly to the seasons, it is not easy to predict exactly what to expect but this is WHY -(Y) bird watching is so attractive in all means! We do our best to maximize the chance in observing our target bird species but it is important to have our clients enjoy the actual trip, and experience the beauty of nature, making each tour a life long memory. We conduct over 60 domestic tours and more than 20 overseas tours throughout the year. Our domestic holidays may take you all over Japan from Hokkaido all the way down to Okinawa and the southern islands. Our overseas trips may take you to America, Australia, Mongolia and to a wide area of Asia. We also have cruising tours going very close to the borders of Russia departing from Hokkaido Peninsula, which probably may be experienced only at Y Bird! We have recently started serving small groups of overseas customers in making reservations for transport and accommodation.
To provide the chance to see the beauty of nature; to actually have more people watch the birds surviving in the wild, to have people feel that nature is really important for all living creatures- this is our objective goal. Y Bird has its own three promises; never to intimidate birds, not to bother the wildlife nor the people around the area, and affect the nature as least as possible. We respect the others all the time.

We would like to notify you that we are unable to receive private inquiries regarding our tours.

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