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The latest situation of bird watching in Japan

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Japan is one of the birding spots where bird watchers all over the world want to visit once. Besides 11 endemic species, there are many kinds of birds whose breeding grounds are restricted to Japan and its adjacent seas, and there are also many kinds of birds that live only in or around Japan. At present 542 species of birds are listed in "Check-List of Japanese Birds" published by the Ornithological Society of Japan. Why are there so many bird species recorded in such a small country with an area of 380,000 square kilometers?

We can give several reasons for it:
1. Japanese land is north-south long from the sub-arctic zone of 4533'north latitude to the sub-tropical zone of 205'north latitude.
2. It is formed with islands and enclosed by seas.
3. It has mountains above 3,000 meters high and many forests and rivers.
4. It has four seasons and the temperature changes a lot with seasons.

We'd like to inform the latest situation of bird watching in 'Japan' where we can enjoy birds throughout four seasons.
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